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Php OOP v1 Basics

What is OOP? OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is a design concept. Why OOP? As Software is developed, it becomes more complex and difficult to control. The complexity and maintenance costs (time – money) of software...

PHP OOP and Inheritance 0

PHP OOP v2 Inheritance

What is inheritance in OOP? In Php OOP (object-oriented programming), inheritance is a well-structured programming principle. This principle regulates the relationship between objects and classes. With the inheritance property, a class can inherit the...


Python OOP #2

Let’s continue with our previous article for Python OOP and oops concepts in python If we want to make the codes in the previous article even more general, we can consider including the codes...


PHP OOP v3 Final Keyword

Why do we use the final keyword? When writing code with OOP in PHP, we constantly use inheritance. However, sometimes we may want to prevent a class from being inherited by other classes. For...