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The Internet has become the largest mass media today. However, many companies review and restructure their advertising-marketing-sales strategies. They aim to reach more people by ranking at the top of the results of searches in the search engine. This requires SEO work. People who do SEO work and have expertise in this field are also called SEO experts. In this article, I will try to inform those who want to advance in their SEO career.

Career in SEO

First Steps to SEO Career

The first requirement for those who want to pursue a career in SEO is of course dealing with SEO. It is essential to be knowledgeable about search engines, their algorithms, and bots. However, self-study is not enough to obtain sufficient theoretical knowledge. It has become a favorite career target because every company that wants to rise on the Internet needs SEO experts. For this reason, many institutions provide SEO training and conferences. Participating in this training and establishing a dialogue with people working in the same sector is an important point. These interactions will help you increase your technical knowledge and keep it up to date.

However, it is also important to study in a practical sense. You can open small sites or blogs and apply for your SEO work on these sites. For example, if you have a hobby, you can create a blog site that gives information about this hobby. Since you have experience, you will have an advantage in creating content and determining the keywords people will search for. Thus, in a simple process, you will have the chance to see whether your SEO efforts have been successful.

SEO career path

How to Build a SEO Career?

How to build a SEO career?

A good SEO specialist should follow developments in his field. The SEO specialist must have been trained in search engines’ algorithms. It must be able to react to algorithm updates. If a new algorithm is negatively affecting the site’s ranking, the SEO specialist should be able to respond.

They should know well how to use Google services and use Google tools in SEO studies. SEO also includes technical work on the site. Therefore, the person who wants to build SEO career must know a programming language and have at least a moderate knowledge of HTML.

You should have an idea about UI / UX (User Interface-User Interface / User Experience).

You must have experience in creating Google ads and social media ads in order to contribute to SEO studies.

What are Career Opportunities in the SEO Sector?

There are many positions that can be employed by those who wants to build a SEO career. It can be listed like that; 

Expert Assistant

It is an entry-level SEO position. In general, they take care of SEO work and help those in higher positions. They do not yet have any expertise in on-site or off-site SEO.


It is the position where people who are experts in determining the tactics that SEO studies should follow. SEO Strategists examine the status of the institution that wants to receive SEO services. They decide how the site should be coded and how the link building should be done. SEO strategists are more interested in the strategy to be followed in technical studies. They have an important place in SEO studies.


It is a general term covering people who specialize in SEO work. It does not need to have expertise in a specific area. However, the person who defines himself as an SEO Expert should have several years of experience in this field.

SEO Manager

They are the top person of SEO experts working in different positions. They’re more interested in strategy. However, unlike the SEO strategist, they are concerned with how all work should be and make checks.

SEO Consultant

It is the position of people who advise corporate companies on what to change in order to make their SEO work better. Someone to work in this role should have at least five years of SEO experience. They usually work freelance.

SEO Analyst

Employees in this position are tasked with interpreting SEO-related data and reporting to experts who will do the job. For this, they must have statistics, analysis, graphic reading, advanced Excel knowledge.

SEO Oriented Content Writing

The production of original content is of great importance in SEO work. Google penalizes sites that do not contain original content. SEO-focused content writers are only responsible for producing original content. It is an essential requirement for all sites today.

In summary, there are many opportunities for an SEO career in this period. You can develop yourself in the field of SEO and build your own SEO career. Choose the area you want to advance in your SEO career and work accordingly. Remember that although developing a career in SEO seems easy, failure is inevitable without the right studies.

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